Brian Torchin – HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin is the man responsible for a healthcare staffing agency called HCRC. HCRC staffing agency helps individuals find jobs based on their expertise and their experience, as well as help employers find the perfect employee that they’ve been searching for. When signed up for HCRC staffing, the client tells them what they’re looking for and the staff at HCRC sought after the perfect employee. The employee will go through a testing procedure, or an interview, and the employer can decide f they want to employ that person. HCRC provides many different types of services such as job counseling, job placement and credited employees. Torchin understands how difficult it can be to find a job in the medical industry, and vows to help those looking. On the other side, he understands how difficult it is to find good employees, and also helps find qualified, verified and capable staff to employ any position.

Torchin has many years of experience in the healthcare industry and has exhibited years of expertise into his company. He has a background in sports medicine and physical therapy. He is a practicing chiropractor who helps offices and clinics find capable and willing staff to employ the positions. As a chiropractor and owning his own office, he completely understands how hard it is to find good, quality staff. His experience has also lead him to understand how important it is to find good quality staff with excellent customer service. He strives to keep an office area that is welcoming to the community and makes the patient’s feel welcome and comfortable. That is something that he looks for and that the staffing agency looks for when it comes to finding employees. Customer service is such a valuable skill and they are always looking for staff that has that quality and knows how to pursue it.

Brian Torchin’s success comes with many years of experience and detail oriented observation. His practice along with his company at HCRC staffing will ensure that they find the best quality employee and help them become well informed and trained properly to provide exceptional services.

The Improvement of Dating Apps

There are a lot of people that are interested in the growth of online dating apps. This has become one of the more interesting concepts for so many people that are trying to improve their luck.

The reality is that there are many people that are tired of the same old boring routine of going out to clubs and meeting no one. Dating apps are better for people that have a specific type of person in mind. Some people want a person that does not smoke. Others may want to spend their time with someone that likes certain music or movies. The dating apps help cater to a whole lot of other people that have the same interests.

Dating apps like Skout have proven that there are a lot of different ways to find someone. Some people may check a profile on Skout and start chatting with someone. Others may send a note to someone else that they have seen online. Skout has some people that may start off as friends before they move on to something else. Tons of different opportunities exist for people that are looking for love.

Skout has managed to be an app that stands out because it is designed as something that caters to a number of people. There are articles on the site that are linked to college students. There are other articles of interest that are connected to things like giving back. There are also features like virtual travel that have made it easier for people to enjoy simple features like online trips. All of these things have been combined to make people stay on the site longer. This improves the interest for this app. People don’t have to be completely focused on dating because Skout has other things that they can engage in.

It is certainly much easier now that Skout has grown in so many different ways over the last several years. People are looking at this social app as a way to transport themselves into another world. Skout allows you to take virtual trips together with the virtual travel feature.

Thor Hammers Out Understanding Socialism and Sanders

In a recent interview with Fox News, Thor Halvorssen, founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) discussed his beliefs on Socialism and its ties to the current Presidential race. The Human Rights Foundation is a non-partisan and non-profit founded upon the principles of protecting global human rights. Mr. Halvorssen discussed his personal experiences with Socialist governments and his thoughts regarding the Presidential race.

While Mr. Halvorssen believes that Socialism, at its core is a “violation of basic human rights” he also believes that this system can work in countries that are set up so as not to violate human rights. Countries that possess “branches of government”, “constitutional rights”, and a “separation of power” may be able to sustain a Socialist government. He states that Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are examples of this type of system being able to work.

However, he points out that there is a difference in Socialist policies and Socialist Government. Based on his personal experiences he often sees Socialism as a mask for “looting the country” rather than helping the people. His father was a political prisoner in Venezuela, his mother was shot by a regime, and his cousin is currently imprisoned for political beliefs. He points out that the “redistribution of wealth doesn’t end poverty” creating more wealth does. His major objectives to a Socialist government are that the Government tends to be authoritarian and has too much power. Mr. Halvorssen cites the situation in Venezuela in which the government controlled the pricing of goods which ultimately lead to a humanitarian crisis because of mass shortages.

Mr. Halvorssen ( freely admits to giving the campaign of Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders their largest contribution. He states that he would much rather have Sanders win than either of the other front-runners. He bases this decision on the beliefs that the other candidates lack substance or have questionable ties to foreign dictators that do not agree with his basic beliefs. When discussing his choice in candidates, Mr. Halvorssen states that he would “rather have a Democratic Socialist than a supporter of dictators in the White House.” Be sure to Follow Halvorssen on Twitter to keep up with his news and events.


Marc Sparks Provides Presentation Advice

Marc Sparks is a Dallas-based venture capitalist that has been investing in various small businesses and startups for over 30 years. He has invested in dozens of different companies in a wide range of industries, many of which have gone on to great success. He manages the majority of his current investments through his portfolio private equity firm Timber Creek Capital, which collectively makes hundreds of millions of dollars each year in revenue.

Marc Sparks believes heavily in providing his businesses with all of the resources and insight that they need to succeed. He has an open-door policy with all of his companies and is regularly involved in business decisions.

Marc Sparks is always looking for new companies to invest in and enjoys sitting down and hearing presentations from up and coming small businesses and startups ( Earlier this year, Sparks was interviewed and he gave several tips that could help a new business succeed when they are pitching their small business or startup idea.

The first tip he gave was to not waste any part of the presentation and to make a strong point with every visual that is provided. He suggested that before including any picture of graph in a presentation, the presenter should be prepared to discuss it in a meaningful way. Otherwise, the presentation could end up going on too long or become mundane.

He also suggested that you provide a clear and legitimate story that is easy to understand. While it is easy to present data to a potential investor, it is more important to explain the data and how it impacts your business in the future. If your business is very technical and difficult to understand, it would be wise to keep the presentation simple.

The investor will always have more time in the future to ask questions if needed. You should also plan on having your whole team attend the presentation, which will give the investor a better idea of who is involved and help to build a better business relationship.

Securus Sees Big Number of Units Distributed

Near the end of last week, Securus Technologies announced that units they distribute, patenting their intelligent communications, have reached more than 84,000 units to correctional facilities across the continent.

Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, pointed out that this is an unprecedented milestone for the company since its inception almost 30 years ago. Providing basic communication through inmate phone calls had been their center of focus, and with it they were able to install 80,000 units. This use of intelligent platforms exceed even the most basic methods of inmate communication. If you are having any trouble connecting your software with the app, contact one of their representatives to help.

Smith says that communications platforms such as their own is instrumental to the goal of rehabilitating inmates during their incarceration, helping them to become more productive members of society once released by making their stay easier with open channels of communication with their families.

Intelligent communication goes beyond a mere inmate phone call home. This incorporates the vital element of video chatting. Beyond the element of communicating with loved ones, inmates can also use them to better their education, give them access to legal references, order from their commissary, allow for religious ceremony, line up employment after their video visitation release and much more.

While corrections departments exist solely to process and punish inmates, this isn’t the only life inmates will live. Statistically, most inmates will be released back into the general population, and by releasing people with a criminal history back into the world correctional facilities bear a responsibility to make sure they are reformed. Education and rehabilitation is best serviced when married with technology. Securus fills that role with their products and services, and they’re aware of it.

Smith has stated that those 84,000 units could very soon become 150,000 near the end of this year. It’s an investment law enforcement and corrections cannot ignore the need to reduce recidivism in inmates and the responsibility and accountability they hold in regards to those communities. This has also been a benefit for Securus, who have earned over $600 million from their products and services.

Securus Technologies calls Dallas, Texas home. From there, they provide technologies and services to more than 3,450 law enforcement and correctional facilities, affecting the lives of more than 1,200,000 inmates across North America.

Securus Technologies is responsible for communicating safety information to the public, connecting law enforcement with coordinating governmental bodies that are instrumental in the process of processing and housing inmates, and even taking part in the investigative process with biometric technologies.

Helane Morrison Challenges the Ethics of Wall Street Ladder Climbers

When the US economy went into a tailspin in 2007 because of massive unethical and outright criminal conduct on Wall Street, one woman stood up to be counted among the ethical and helped police the situation: Helane Morrison. I think she became the hero of the day, because she could have taken bribes, but instead stood her ground and helped investigate and prosecute evil rat finks like Bernie Madoff. Some of the same companies that employed the lying stinking rats who stole so much money from unsuspecting investors, were the same who rushed to Washington D.C. with their hats in their hands, demanding Federal bailout money!

Millions of people lost a total of billions of dollars in the Wall Street meltdown, mostly from hard-earned pensions and other savings. Many lost their entire nest eggs. I am so glad that Helane Morrison was at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), covering the investigation and subsequent arrests of the wrong doers, as the Regional Director for five Northwestern states and also Northern California. Ms. Morrison did her investigation and litigation out of her SEC office in San Francisco. In my opinion, she did her job and gave important counsel for the cases the government was building against all the thieves. I think she showed true grit, determination, integrity, and courage.

Her dogged pursuit of the truth is probably what led Helane Morrison to be so successful at her job at the SEC.  I see she was separated from that office, later in 2007 according to a rave review in the WS Journal.  After providing legal counsel for the prosecutions, she also set the tone for a reorganized Wall Street, to obey anti-trust laws, and raise the awareness needed to re-institute accountability in the stock markets. Nowadays Ms. Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners. She is also their General Counsel and Managing Director. As I have read, she truly has broken the “glass ceiling” and risen higher in both law and business than many other similarly gifted women.

Helane Morrison started her career as a law clerk for Harry Blacknum, one of the Supreme Court Justices. She then also was a law clerk for Richard A. Posner, a U.S. Court of Appeals judge. Her private practice experience was ten years at the firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. I got a lot of information from her Current Profile, but you can also learn more about her career by connecting with her via LinkedIn.

“Woke Twitter” Awakened Users to Racist Tweets

Woke Twitter” is a conscious movement that tends to take charge over Twitter. The term “woke” means that a person is seeing through any hype, that they are able to see what the real issues are. The term has become popular through social movement such as the #RhodesMustFall campaign in South Africa and #BlackLivesMatter in the United States. The watch group have recently outed several Twitter users for their horribly racist public posts.

Right now, Justin van Vuuren, Penny Sparrow, and Chris Hart are feeling the wrath of Woke Twitter. Hart, who is an analyst with the Standard Bank has been suspended from his position, and all three are facing charges in South Africa. Some have invoked the Constitutional right of freedom of speech, however, as legal analyst Brenda Wardel has pointed out, that freedom is not protected when the speech is being used to take away another’s right to basic human dignity. She goes on to point out that Penny Sparrow specifically compared all black people in South Africa to apes, monkeys, and animals. She took away their human dignity with her words.

Brenda Wardle was born and raised in South Africa. She holds three law degrees: Intermediary Degree Qualification in Criminal Justice Admin, Bachelor of Laws, and Master of Laws with a focus in Advanced Constitutional Law. Wardle is known around the world for her professional work on several high-profile cases. One of the most recent high-profile cases that Wardle spent time analyzing was one close to home- the trial of Oscar Pistorius. She is planning on releasing a book about her observations regarding the trial and about the South African criminal justice system.

In addition to being a highly sought after legal analyst, Brenda Wardle has also written and published many articles, and has been interviewed for both radio and television programs. Many of her articles have been published in the “South African Attorneys Journal”. Wardle has been featured on Talkradio 702 where she discussed medical parole. During the Oscar Pistorius trial, Sky News Prime Time interviewed Wardle, and during his sentencing phase she was interviewed by the BBC.

Coriant Displays True Business Synergy

Any competitive industry will have a lot of speculation within it. But one of the most competitive and often seemingly unpredictable is the technology sector. However, there are elements which are highly suggestive of whether a company within that industry will create major advances. Coriant is one of the prime examples of a company which displays every indication of success.

One of the more important aspects of this success is the fact that Coriant is involved within a diverse but still related set of technologies. These include aspects of voice, digital data, and various aspects of the mobile platforms. The key within all of those things is a business term known as synergy. Synergy is often misused and overused outside the businessworld. But it’s an important term which indicates whether diverse interests will have an effect when paired that multiples their effect rather than simply adding to it. The nature of this relationship can also be seen with smartphones. The same diverse technologies which made them possible in the first place is where Coriant places heavy emphasis.

But synergy is also important in a managerial sense. This is why the new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, is so significant. He combines expertise in multiple fields in a similar way to the company itself. He has vast technical experience with GTE and Verizon Communication, as well as executive experience. And this managerial talent was also plain to see during his time with Barclays Bank. Any of that would be a great qualification on its own. But together, it again creates that synergistic effect.

Shaygan Kheradpir is at the head of a vast number of people with different skillsets. Each can almost be thought to operate under a language all their own. People within different fields tend to have their own very specialized forms of methodology and leadership. The fact that Shaygan Kheradpir has experience in so many areas means that he’s able to act as a bridge of communication. He instantly understands what the various branches of Coriant need and what their current results are. And because of it he’s able to properly lead them into the future.

Noblis Continues To Set The Standard For Healthcare Companies

Healthcare companies are an important part of the the healthcare industry as a whole. The healthcare industry is growing exponentially in the United States and most developed nations. Healthcare consumes a large portion of the gross domestic product of the nations in the developed world. As it grows, the need for quality healthcare companies grows as well. The healthcare industry is responsible for providing products and services to assist patients with rehabilitative, palliative, preventive and curative care, and behind all of those things are healthcare companies. Healthcare companies are the driving force behind the boom and advancement of the healthcare industry. Typically healthcare companies provide the goods and tools to providers without direct involvement with patients or the families of patients. The companies stay staffed with specially trained Linked In professionals such as doctors and engineers, and the companies have high standards of employee quality at all levels. High standards of quality is a must for healthcare companies trying to succeed in a competitive market. The role the companies play is critical. Healthcare companies can provide healthcare services, medical equipment and supplies. Home healthcare providers, nursing homes, laboratories and hospitals are great examples of healthcare companies and entities utilizing healthcare companies. Certain healthcare companies provide highly advanced or specialized products and services like medications, new technology, biotech and other advanced scientific services. There are certain companies dabbling in all aspects of healthcare, and those companies employ the greatest scientific minds from all fields to further the advancement of medicine. Healthcare companies are essential. They make sure people have a fighting chance against aggressive illnesses, and they also strive to find cures for things doctors deem terminal. A great healthcare company is also dedicated to improving the access in which patients can heal. Healing and comfort is the ultimate goal of everyone involved in healthcare. Noblis Health is a great example of a top healthcare company striving to provide the best services and goods possible. It is a nonprofit company, and it specializes in strategy organization, science and technology. Noblis has a stellar reputation for being objective and independent, and it is famous for staffing the best administrators, scientific minds and expert engineers. The scope of support the company offers is staggering. Noblis supports the advancement of various fields of engineering, environmental sustainability, national security, intelligence and especially healthcare. Noblis is a healthcare company leading by example. It continues to be the gold standard in its sector.

Dog Food Manufactures Stepping Up Their Games This Year

It used to be that dog food was nothing more that the scraps or pieces of animal parts discarded from human food. Then those meals were pumped full of additives and chemicals to make it look more appealing, at least to the pet owners. Today is a new world and companies like FreshPet take making pet food very serious. On any given day you can see the CEO of the company on the assembly line cutting open tubes of dog food to not only visually inspect quality, he tastes the food as well. Pet food manufactures like Richard Thompson of Freshpet only use all-natural and wholesome ingredients in every meal they produce in their facilities. To ensure that his products are exploding with delicious flavors, he has been seen opening and eating the dog food before it leaves his facility. The pet food market is a $23 billion dollar a year industry, and companies like Purina Store are beginning to make strides as health conscious pet owners will no longer settle for not giving their pets the absolute best quality food available. We have reached a new level when it comes to feeding out pets, says Thompson. Although there are some companies who have been offering organic meals for many years, they have been in the minority. In recent years however, the pet food makers have been really stepping up their games and producing high-quality meals made with only the most nutritious ingredients available. Blue Buffalo has joined FreshPet as companies focusing their efforts on providing a healthy alternative for pets of all ages. Another manufacturer who has really stepped up their game is the Beneful brand dog food by Purina. This company produces a wet and dry version of their dog food, packed with all-natural ingredients like lamb, pork, chicken, and beef. These meals are also accented with fresh vegetables ranging from carrots, green beans, rice, and barley. These special blends are customized for dogs that are in different developmental stages of their lives. Puppy food contains more nutrients to help these little guys get off to a great early start in life. The Beneful company has even stepped up their game by offering dog treats that are oven-baked on premises, to seal in the natural ingredients. These light and airy crackers or wholesome shortbread cookies are made with delicious yet nutritious ingredients like peanut butter, cheese, and bacon.